Faboosh is a millennial-centric creative outlet that aims to create organic, engaging content for its clients and audience alike. At Faboosh, we conceptualise and produce social media and influencer campaigns – keeping an eye on viral content, pop culture, relatable trivia and all things in between.

Faboosh specialises in putting forth aesthetically pleasing, engrossing ideas that encapsulate trending topics from all around the Web, providing a multitude of high-quality videos and photo-shoots. We break the monotonous mould of promotional strategies and add pizzazz to the same with our well curated ideas and innovative approach that will certainly leave the audience asking for more.

Faboosh Kitchen

Faboosh Kitchen is your one stop food channel for all things appetizing. We bring to you quick, fun, easy-to-make recipes that cater to your taste buds and dietary requirements. Enjoy these videos while you are on the go and relish some ‘tasteful’ memes on the side!

Faboosh Health

At Faboosh Health, learn health and skin care hacks, tips and tricks, DIY solutions, do’s and don’ts for the upkeep of your skin and overall health. Discover what you ought to and ought not to do in order to achieve your desired skin and health goals.