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The motto of Shree Sharda is to build infrastructures that are pleasing and awe-inspiring. To us, construction is not only erecting buildings but providing houses, industrial or commercial complexes that define a luxurious lifestyle through its artistic dimensions.

With our expertise in infrastructure development and management and our presence in Delhi, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai since 2004, we at Shree Sharda believe in modern and sustainable construction as well as maintenance. The ability to undertake projects of varying budgets and preferences makes us a leader in our niche. Our projects spell class and most of all offer the comfort people deserve.


Our Affiliates

We are securing various growth engines that will lead the generation of growth.



Coolberg is India’s leading brand of zero alcohol beers creating a new segment in the beverage industry. Coolberg is disrupting traditional choices of non-alcoholic beverages with introduction of Malt Beer which taste like beer but without alcohol and other unique crafts such as Cranberry, Peach, Ginger, Strawberry and Mint. Coolberg is a millennials brand which is served in restaurants and café’ across 30+ cities in India and comes with young and playful packaging.

Ziffy Homes


ZiffyHomes #BelongHere is India’s first “technology driven home rental marketplace” to make lives better by making it simple to rent or let out homes securely and entirely online without brokerage. We are a discovery platform which offers ready to move-in individual rooms to tenants for long stays without any maintenance worry, convenience of online rent payment and freedom to move across our homes. We connect owners to responsible, verified tenants and help them earn higher house rental round the year in addition to a trouble free home rental management solution.



At Strom Motors, we believe that the future you see is the future you get. We have worked tirelessly with the best team of engineers & designers across the world to bring you something we are truly proud of; something revolutionary. The Strom-R3 is a compilation of work of some of the best designers and developers in the industry.

Due to the rising population and the number of fossil fuelled vehicles currently on the streets, we are making our eco-system inhabitable for the generations to come. With the combination of copious amounts of ingenuity and precision engineering, our highly passionate team has designed and developed an eco-friendly solution that helps Indians to safely get around using a sustainable automobile technology. Strom-R3 meets and exceeds the transportation needs of India’s younger generations who collectively understand that you can indeed have it all without impacting the environment.